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This 1 Mistake Makes Him Lose His Desire to Commit


If you’re in a casual, friend with benefits, “situationship” with a guy that you have feelings for but he doesn’t feel the same way or he won’t commit to you…

If you're sitting around waiting for a man to commit to you and questioning whether you should walk away or give him more time...

If you’re single and you feel like all the men you meet just want sex, don’t put in any effort, or are all talk and no action...

If you’re tired of all the games, putting in all the effort while getting nothing back, and men who are confused or not sure what they really want…

Make sure you NEVER press his "commitment phobia button" or else he'll feel like you're the WRONG woman for him.

He'll begin to feel unsure, confused, and avoid the topic altogether.

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P.S. If a man IS commitment-phobic, your best chance of making him crave a commitment with you is to use something I call, "The Power Phrase."

Many times, this is EXACTLY what he needs to hear to commit.

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4 Signs He Wants a Commitment with You (But Isn’t Moving Forward with It)

Does he actually want a commitment with you? Find out here...


If you’re in a spot where you can tell a guy likes you but you’re confused about why he doesn’t just come out and say it, or why he won’t commit to an exclusive relationship with you, you have to consider his motivation.

First, consider what attracts him to you. Second, consider why he’s holding back and not giving you that commitment and what he feels he’s protecting himself from.

Men will avoid commitment for a number of reasons. I think the whole “all men are commitment phobic” belief is actually a misconception. Men might be afraid to commit, but they have a specific reason for that fear. It’s usually not because they want to date other women or are just afraid of being tied down.

Some men are afraid of disappointing their partner. Sometimes they’re afraid of losing their independence. Sometimes it’s just the woman’s behavior that scares a man away from making a serious commitment.

You may be able to determine why he’s holding back if you pay close attention to his behavior and conversation. Is he giving you any of these signs?

These signs suggest that he really does want a commitment from you, but isn’t moving forward with it for a very specific reason...

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P.S. Here are 4 signs he wants to commit but isn't moving forward...

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