Article 1:

Three Steps in Getting Even the Most Commitment-phobic Man to Propose

The Truth About Why Men Avoid Commitment (That Most Women Will Never Know)


Have you ever heard it said about a great guy, “He will never settle down!” or “He’s a bachelor for life”?

Of course, all the “great guys” are commitment-phobic, right? They know they’re hot, successful, and everything a man should be so they never want to settle down. They’re having way too much fun to be chained down.

Well I say that is BS!

Men DO want commitment. They do want to fall in love. And they do want to propose to you, yes you!

But here’s the problem: your instincts are probably pushing you in the wrong direction. In fact, every other woman he’s seeing (or thinking about) is making the same mistake you are.

It’s a common mistake that a lot of women make. But from now on you’re going to do a complete 360 and change your attitude. And in doing so, you’re going to win his heart and get him to do the unthinkable. Yes, get him to fall in love, propose and embrace commitment.

Sound impossible? Just give it a chance!

Men Want to Play the Field, Right?

Now’s the part where we talk about evolution and men needing to date multiple women to feel whole, right?

Wrong. Maybe for teenagers, college students or virgins, but the fact is most single men want sex—but they’re not necessarily the sex-crazed singular-minded animal that society has called them.

According to studies cited in Psychology Today, the sex drive of the average male is difficult to define because there is no collective consciousness of men, and they don’t all have the same sex drive.

They don’t even have the most superficial of appetites in common. Studies (by Viren Swami of the University of Westminster in London) suggested men thought of “attractiveness” in a woman as involving far more factors than just the perfect hourglass figure.

In addition, studies showed that after men socially interacted with a woman, the importance of appearance diminished and attributes like personality, humor, core belief become part of the “attractiveness” that men seek.

Another study by Paul Eastwick and Eli Finkel of Northwestern University suggested that subject men went into a speed dating event thinking appearance was the most important factor but then seemed to change their minds after meeting some of the women, strongly indicating that men don’t always know what they want in a woman.

In fact, subjects were very easily influenced by the “live interaction” of the moment, which seemed to overpower their original ideals of finding a “perfect woman” with specific qualities.

In other words, men crave the emotional experience as well as the sexual experience. Emotion and personal interaction enhance the sexual experience.

So for many men out there, when they “play the field”, all they’re actually doing is trying to find the perfect woman that they can’t seem to define just yet. They know she’s attractive…but other than that, they’re pretty confused.

Men are similar to women in at least one sense; that they don’t necessarily plan a list of qualities or factors to fall in love with…they wait for the right one to come along and blow them away.

They wait until “natural chemistry” happens and then let their heart run away with them.

This goes along with a study done by psychologist Joshua Ackerman of MIT who discovered that among male subjects, a whopping 60 to 70 percent of them (even among 20 and 30 year olds) said “I love you” to the women first.

On average, most of them thought about saying it six weeks before working up the courage to actually say it.

So men do fall in love and they do want commitment. There’s simply a miscommunication happening in most of these confused relationships.

So Why Do All the Men I Know Avoid Commitment?

Probably because he’s afraid at what a woman’s definition of “commitment” involves. He only knows what commitment is based on his previous relationships, none of which had anything to do with you. So most men are unfairly presuming your definition of commitment matches his ex-girlfriend’s definition of commitment.

So just assume his ex-girlfriend was a total psycho who emotionally scarred him and turned him off of the idea of a loving and trusting relationship.

And there you have most guys in a nutshell. This matches e-Harmony’s view that suggests most men are commitment phobic because of past relationship baggage. They are afraid of making the same mistakes.

But they are not afraid of attractive women…and most of them have not given up on the idea of finding true love.

I know what you’re thinking! “I’ve tried to tell him how I feel but he keeps pushing me away!”

Maybe he is sending you strong signals that he doesn’t want to have “the talk”.

What can you possibly do to let him know that you understand and that you’re not going to be like his ex, who soured his view of love and marriage?

Simply put here’s the answer: Become more feminine. Become a woman that he desires by instinct.

He Doesn’t Want More “Females”—He Wants a Real Woman!

A man doesn’t need a harem of females to be happy and frankly, having such a harem is probably more work and more money than he can afford. What he wants is a woman who will love him but not try to control him.

Controlling a man and attempting to change his personality is the first step in robbing a man of his masculinity and totally stomping out all the attraction he wants to feel towards you.

Most women make the mistake of trying to control their man and trying so hard to become the perfect “caretaker”, that they end up playing the male role. They become the provider, the dominant force in the relationship.

Now the man has nowhere to go…but far, far away!

If you really want a man to fall in love with you and propose (since he really is dying to say “I love you”) then the objective is to let him feel like a man.

Be a strong, feminine woman and don’t be afraid to let his instincts take over. He will be drawn to your energy and amazed at your power to get this reaction from him.

Regardless of where you are in the relationship right now, take these five steps to give him back his identity and his strong alpha male pride.

1. Never make him feel that his attraction to other women is forbidden. Encourage his honesty.

Looking at the beauty around us is the natural state of any healthy human being. And step one to breaking a man’s ego is to make him feel like his urges are shameful. It’s a terrible trait of codependence and it will make your man run like the wind. You should encourage his honesty, to let him feel “free” to share his thoughts and feelings.

This doesn’t mean you have to tolerate infidelity or let him disrespect you by making mean-spirited comparisons.

It simply means you are both in this relationship because you love and trust each another—because you have chosen each other despite the fact that you’re both very attractive to other people.

A real feminine woman does not need her husband to become sterile and whipped into submission. Encourage the lion to roar and let him take all of his raging libido out on you. He’ll love you all the more so for letting him feel in control of his sexuality.

2. Let him know that your relationship will be different from the one he and his ex had…and from his buddies and their girlfriends. Your relationship will be on your own terms.

A lot of men today actually fear commitment because they don’t like what has happened to their friends, or their parents, or other guys who are being controlled by their “better half.” They resent the idea of a woman playing the role of a man and “controlling” them or providing for them.

Right now they are scared of how being committed to you is going to change the dynamic of the relationship they currently are in. You must let them know that it’s not going to change…it’s just going to get better.

Let them feel as if the new committed relationship is just as carefree as the casual one he enjoys now. What does he treasure about your friendship now? The sex? The conversation? The freedom to come and go, or to take time to himself?

Then make sure he knows a commitment to you will not change that. You will both keep your independence. You will not change and he will not change in personality. You will just see more of each other and become more intimately bonded.

3. Help him achieve his dreams and be better than all those other women!

Most men are not afraid of monogamy. Deep down, a man is afraid of not achieving all of his dreams…it has nothing to do with a need to “bed hundreds of women.”

Men will usually delay commitment because they are holding onto their childhood ambitions of becoming someone important, powerful, successful and so on.

However, this doesn’t actually mean he wants to dump you sleep with other women. He simply wants to feel that he has succeeded…and that he has the “best wife” to show for his success.

This is why the wife of a successful man works hard to stay exciting, sexy and feminine. She wants him to feel on top of the world. She wants him to feel successful and to feel proud of her. She wants to the amazing wife that this successful man deserves!

You Are Better than a Hundred Other Girls!

Real feminine women pride themselves on being better than a hundred cheap one-night stands. Think of yourself as a high value exotic beauty he really has to work for.

Once you enter into an intimate relationship with him, you provide him with the sex, romance and fantasy that he craves. And you do it better than anyone else can.

That’s what makes him lose interest in all the other women and embrace commitment.

You maintain the beauty that caught his eye and the charm that he fell in love with. You are sexually adventurous and give him everything he craves—more sex than he can handle!

You dress to impress him, and to impress other men. You want to look attractive and to make him a little jealous because he needs to feel like you are still the perfect catch—the gold standard that only he deserves.

That’s going to keep him fighting for you. Keep him chasing you. And yes, get him to rush to commitment because soon enough, he’s going to need you in his life to feel complete.

He will soon learn that his ambitions and dreams are completely compatible with you by his side. You’re not an obstacle to success but are his most supportive, most trustworthy friend. You make him feel like a better person, like he can be everything he dreams he can be.

So don’t manipulate a man by threatening him or badgering him into a commitment. Start showing him how you are making all of his dreams come true. Be patient with him and give him the time and space he needs to learn himself and what the wants.

Don’t “wait for him” since this implies weakness. Match his pace. Be patient and go according to his timeline. Sooner than later, he will realize that without you in his life, he has no one to share his success with.

He will be amazed at how powerful and masculine he feels around you. You will see it in his eyes, the way he looks at you, talks to you, and treats you. You bring the best qualities out in him.

You are his success in life. And when he bends down to one knee, giving you the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen, right before popping the question and showing you that big rock of a ring…

He will feel like a man once again. And you will feel the absolute power of a being a feminine woman.

How to Show a Man You’re the Perfect Woman for Him

If you’ve spent very much time trying to be the perfect woman for a man then you know it’s exhausting…

You end up feeling like you’ll never be enough for him.

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But if you don’t have this one specific thing, you end up blurring into the sea of all the other women out there and he’ll only end up watching a sexual relationship with you.

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Article 2:

Why He Acts Like He's Not Into You (Even If He Is)

Secrets of Men Revealed: Why Guys Act Disinterested Even if They’re In Love


Have you ever felt a strong attraction to a man, gotten some definite vibes from him, but then watched him walk away still having no idea how he really feels about you?

You’re not alone.

A lot of women today have the same problem—with guys who are either not communicating their true feelings, or who simply have no feelings to share.

And yes, it’s hard for a woman to have to “read the signals” of some of these guys and wonder just what he’s thinking.

What is he feeling? Is the attraction all in her head?

So what we’re going to do now is explain to you why guys sometimes act disinterested and how this is slightly different behavior than a man who legitimately just doesn’t care about you.

Then we’re going to show you how to pick up on these hints. A man’s social cues that suggest he likes you are easy to figure out—IF you understand why he acts like he’s not into you, even if he is.

Why Guys Fake Disinterest

The first thing to realize is that even if a guy likes you, he will probably create a shield of disinterest or mystery to keep you guessing. Yes, it’s frustratingly similar to the face of a man that just plain dislikes you…but believe me, the hints are there.

For one thing, attraction is instantaneous. According to studies coming out of the University of Pennsylvania, most men and women know within three seconds of meeting each other if sex is going to happen.

So after that attraction is expressed, you’re both working your way up to the decision you’ve already made subconsciously, finding the comfort and trust in each other that you need before moving forward.

The problem is that some guys are hiding how they really feel or just plain stalling in moving the relationship forward. So whatever mixed signals you’re getting are intentional, coming from a guy who is unsure how he feels about you beyond the strong mutual attraction.

Attraction is a given. Guys give away their attraction through these observable signs:

• His feet point towards you
• His face, lips and eyes appear “flushed”; giggly and unusually red as if blushing
• He lingers on, wanting to find any excuse to spend time with you
• He really tries to make the conversation interesting
• His body is “open” in the arms and legs; when he looks at you the eye contact is intense, even though he sometimes runs away
• He seems to be mirroring your own body language, posturing, way of speaking and gestures
• He remembers little things about you
• He seems to stand up straight, “puff out” his chest and look strong
• His voice is deeper in the “love-making” tone
• He finds reasons to make physical contact
• He strokes his hair or does other “grooming gestures”

Now these are the signs that he’s into you and they are, for the most part, difficult to control.

On the other hand, what he says can be easily fabricated, exaggerated or manipulated in some way to confuse you.

Consider this confusing behavior from his point of view. What is he really “saying” with his odd behavior and intentionally mixed signals? Let’s consider five reasons why guys might act disinterested or send mixed signals.

Ask yourself is this your guy’s line of thinking right now?

How to Read a Confusing Guy’s Mind

Guy Type 1: He thinks you already have a boyfriend or crush.

You sense definite signals from him but he always seems to dismiss himself from the competition. He feels it’s a lost cause. Winning your heart may require fighting off another guy that he perceives is closer to your heart. Believe it or not, most guys will “defer” if they sense you are taken or more interested in somebody else.

Solution 1: Let him know that you’re not in a relationship and that most guys you might talk to are just friends. He could be somebody special—make that clear!

Guy Type 2: He’s afraid of rejection.

Guys sometimes put out mixed signals if they’re afraid of you or more to the point, being rejected by you. Maybe he thinks he’s unworthy of you or some other self-loathing complex. While some men are just cowardly, others do this because they are emotionally vulnerable, perhaps baggage from a previous relationship.

Solution 2: If you like the guy despite his defensiveness, there’s nothing wrong with taking a chance and making the first move. Now some experts may advice against this, claiming that it’s too modern or too male-like in behavior.

But hey, times have changed. According to a poll, 91 percent of men said that they have no problem with a woman making the first move.

More to the point, some men are so shy they will never take the initiative because they feel it would be uncharacteristic or so “rude” somehow. He may literally be waiting for you to talk about the elephant in the room and admit that you know how he feels. So he might as well just come out and say it.

Now don’t be too aggressive. There are subtle ways to draw him out without scaring him off with too much attitude. Just continue to speak in a feminine way and imply that you do “like him” or that “there is something between us.”

Take tiny steps forward and see if he comes out to meet you half way. Once the shy guy sees that he’s not going to totally embarrass himself, he may suddenly get a surge of confidence and ask you out.

If he still rebuffs you after you call him on his weird, half-hearted interest, then at least you won’t have any regrets.

Guy Type 3: He’s ashamed of liking you or he thinks pleasing you is impossible.

This is more of a relationship problem than people realize. We’re not just talking about a man’s feelings or a man’s ego, but his entire social life which has shaped him into the man he is today. The opinions of his parents, his family, his friends, his religion/political stance, and so on.

Solution 3: Think long and hard about the relationship and decide whether you are able to really please him and vice versa. Does he perhaps see future problems that could arise that you don’t see? Could you make adjustments to be the kind of woman he needs you to be to “fit him” and his lifestyle? Or are you inflexible?

Give your guy the benefit of the doubt and start listening to what he’s saying. When he sends you mixed signals, do they all follow some recurring theme? Does he seem to get moody when you talk about certain issues that you disagree on? Does he try to send you subtle hints about the situations or lifestyle clashes that concern him?

Have you maybe been unrealistic in your expectations? Have you been too controlling in your expectations of him?

He may be saying, in so many words, “I want to like you…but you’re making it difficult.”

It’s time to renegotiate so that he can feel comfortable with you again.

Remember: A Confused Guy Wants to Talk

Most guys that send mixed signals are actually saying, at least internally, we need to talk about this. That’s why they linger around and send good signals right after a bad ones. They want to get this problem out in the open but are not sure how to do it.

So start thinking of ways to get the conversation started, the conversation they are dying to have.

Once you figure out what the guy is actually troubled by, you will be closer to figuring out what he needs to hear from you to start getting serious.

Part of being feminine is being able to figure out what a man is thinking, feeling and doing even without him admitting it. This is part of your charm—the knowledge to attract and keep a man because you understand him like no else does.

Yes, you can have the man of your dreams: wealthy, sexy and faithful IF you take the time to understand his motivations. Figure out what a man wants and how to give it to him at just the right time. He will love you for it!

Why Men Pull Away From Some Women Yet Fall Head Over Heels For Others

Have you ever wondered why a man will marry one women yet only want a casual relationship with another?

Have you ever heard a man say that he doesn’t want anything “serious” only to end up in a committed relationship a few weeks later with another woman?

Have you ever felt like you finally found something real with a man… only to have him go cold on you or pull away completely?

The reason this happens maybe be upsetting to you but I promise it’s actually really good news.

Men don’t pull away, disappear, and go cold because they’re bad people…

And they don’t avoid getting into a serious relationship because they’re afraid of commitment.

A man avoids getting into a relationship with a woman because he has doubts that she’s the right woman for him.

He feels like something’s missing…

Like he could probably do better…

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Article #3:

Why Men Stop Trying (And What to Do About It)

How to Get Your Man’s PASSION Back: Make Him Woo You All Over Again


If you’ve been in a relationship for a while now but notice the passion is missing—or that your man is not even trying to be romantic anymore—then you may be making a common mistake that many women make.

Many, many women…who end up divorced, or who break up with their boyfriends. Women who end up bitter, resentful and living with way too many cats.

No joke. And it breaks my heart to see this happen to people because the warning signs are always there but are frequently ignored.

Commitment should be based on passion, not duty or obligation. If the passion is missing in your relationship it IS a big deal. Ignoring the problem is the worst thing you can do.

But the good news is that you can get the spark back.

It doesn’t even take that much effort—it just takes an attitude adjustment.

We’re going to consider in this article why exactly that men “stop trying” and what you can do to give your relationship that all-important spark that it’s missing.

Why Men Stop Chasing

The main problem is that many couples seem to misunderstand the concept of “settling down” in a relationship. They assume that the loss of sexual attraction, and preference for routine over excitement, is natural. We just grow over time to “love” our partner, while losing the attraction or the “spark” that first brought us together.

While you can argue that couples do get “used to each other” this does not mean that any of the following is normal.

1. Your man is lazy and not even trying to romance you anymore.
2. He seems resentful at the idea of trying any harder.
3. He doesn’t “woo” you anymore but seems content to be “your hubby”
4. He doesn’t have passion for you…sex is routine or non-existent.
5. He’s less interested in impressing you or talking with you like he used to enjoy.
6. He’s less interested in your life…he seems content to be doing his own thing; surfing the net, reading, watching TV, etc.

None of these things are normal!

In fact, this suggests a major problem…the kind of problem that can fester and turn into total lack of communication and a loveless marriage.

I don’t want to sound overly negative about it, but it’s a pattern that always seems to happens in couples that eventually break up.

The worst thing you can do is figure it’s “natural” and your spouse is sure to stay with you because you just love each other no matter what. That’s not the way love works.

Love tries. Love always tries.

Beware the Fantasy Bond

The “fantasy bond” is a concept not many people are familiar with, but something that therapists and psychologists discuss frequently. This refers to a relationship where the “Love” is built upon routines and “roles” rather than what a couple actually and actively feels for each other.

It’s a sort of delusional “illusory connection” that one or both partners feel they have, but that actually maintains the emotional distance between both partners.

They’re essentially lying to themselves, figuring that the routine is somehow going to protect their commitment. It’s a fantasy bond because it relies on this fantasy of a distant relationship bringing happiness because of “roles” rather than focusing on the real problem.

The lack of passion is the problem. That’s the problem that needs fixing. Ignoring it, losing yourself in a fantasy, is not the answer.

Know Your Role in Your Relationship

The most common problem in broken relationships is that male and female roles have been compromised. No, this isn’t about patriarchy or about “those were the days, when girls were girls and men were men.”

This is about the simple idea that in any relationship, men want to feel like men. That seems logical, right? Men want to be treated like masculine creatures because that’s what we all are. That’s the id and ego that makes us feel self-confident and happy.

A problem occurs when a woman doesn’t allow a man to feel like a man. When this happens she is driving him into an emotional prison. He’s either going to resent her quietly (and perhaps plan for his exit) or will cling to the fantasy bond and will live miserably ever after.

Both scenarios are terrible. They rob him of happiness and you of the romance you deserve.

The answer is to become more feminine so that your man can feel more masculine.
Now hold on—this doesn’t mean you have to give up your self-respect and become a Stepford Wife.

You just have to get back in touch with the independent, feminine person he first fell in love with.

Routines are the enemy. Routines are what a mother gives her young son to keep him in line. Not sexy. Not romantic. (Not coincidentally, a man’s mother is usually the antidote to any feelings of horniness!)

So if you notice a lack of romance and a “lack of trying” coming from your man, what has probably happened is that he feels defeated. He has been taken away from his
masculine role and is just barely hanging on as an accessory husband.

It’s time to do a little man-maintenance and make sure his masculine ego is still being coddled.

Consider this perfect 4-step program to becoming the feminine woman he fell in love with rather than the “wife” who he feels obligated to obey.

1. Un-merge your identities.

Give him more independence. Avoid speaking for him, telling him what to do or how to feel. Avoid telling him what you want from him or what he should be doing to be more romantic.

Instead, let him pursue hobbies and interests that he likes and encourage his independence from the “inseparable couple” you’ve evolved into. The initial attraction we feel towards each other is based on our unique qualities. Forming “one person” and abandoning that independence is contrary to that initial spark.

2. Start living life and trying new things together!

In addition to independence, as a couple, break out of your routines and make an effort to try new things together. Men usually like to “lead” in relationships, so encourage him to think freely and find new romantic things to try.

Bear in mind sometimes browbeaten men may want to avoid new experiences. What’s happened now is that he has become far too familiar with the routine; this brings on feelings of cynicism, skepticism and laziness.

The same qualities that are robbing him of the romantic personality he once had and that you now miss.

Let him lead. Let him come up with interesting ideas. He will feel adventurous again and will start to feel more like a knight fighting for the affections of his princess.

3. Stop talking so much about routines, schedules, household needs and other “practical conversations”

If you miss those old conversations that ran hours into the night, you’re probably both guilty of talking too often about unromantic things.

Battering a man with conversations about what he should be doing, what needs to be done, and so on, is a conversation he might as well have with his mother.

Yes, we need to talk about logistics, obviously. But make time to have more personal conversation. Take an interest in his hobbies and let him rant. Let him “shine” as an authority on a subject. Let his sense of humor tickle you. Let his passion for life impress you all over again. You didn’t fall in love talking about schedules, daily routines and “to do lists.” You fell in love because you both talked about really interesting things before settling into this routine of mundane daily happenings.

Get back in touch with those “less important” conversations and start relating to each other emotionally again rather than so “practically” all the time.

4. Take better care of yourself and stop relying on him to build up your ego.

This may be a tough one to hear but it’s absolutely true, especially if you’re dating a guy with high self-confidence and a competitive personality. (Which a lot of successful guys happen to be)

What can happen in a relationship is that a woman “fantasy fuses” with her man, and begins to rely on him to take care of her. He reassures her that she’s perfect. He butters up her ego and completes her self-confidence.

Well guess what happens? She lets herself go and that “chemistry” that was once there begins to chip away. She may stop working out, stop eating healthy and stop fixing herself up when she goes out. He does the same and soon enough, you have a couple who just doesn’t care about looks. Or connection. Or pleasing each other. Is it any surprise the passion suffers?

When he senses that she doesn’t care anymore he stops caring—and in doing so, he abandons all his old patterns. Like being romantic. Affectionate. Flirty and fun.

Here’s what so few people realize about “letting yourself go.” It’s not just about doing what is “comfortable.”

It’s part of the fantasy bond…we are actually distancing our partner and pushing away the intimacy that we actually want. It is a form of self-sabotage.

These unhealthy physical habits only punish you and hurt your self-esteem, while simultaneously pushing your partner away. They test our relationship.

And yes, they make a man feel emasculated. He’s not romantic because you’ve already told him, “it doesn’t matter.”

Start taking pride in your appearance again. Not just to please him but to please others—other people. Feel attractive again. You have every right to embrace femininity and be treated like a goddess.

And he will not be threatened, because this is what first attracted your man to you. The idea that you had high confidence and took great pride in your appearance. And that you, as popular as you were, still chose him.

He will likewise take pride in his appearance again and will work harder to impress you, because he knows the effort is back on. We’re trying again, honey!

Ideally both partners should want to feel attractive, independent and full of self-confidence. This is what keeps a committed relationship romantic.

Because when you’re having fun together you are there by choice—not because of routine or obligation.

Let him feel like a man again by encouraging his natural instincts to be dominant, be sexual and be confident in why he loves this relationship with you.

If you master the art of being feminine, you will always have a man that eats out of the palm of your hand. You will have a healthy, passionate and highly sexual relationship that knows no time or bounds. You will have the passion back, the red hot sex life, and the happily ever after love you always dreamed you would.

I promise you this—make an effort. You will never be disappointed.

Exposed: The Truth About Men And Commitment

Do you know what the greatest myth is about men and commitment?

It’s that men are commitment-phobic.

That men don’t want a serious relationship.

That men only want sex.

Now I realize that your experience may tell you that this is the truth…

But Gallup did a poll found that the overwhelming majority of men are looking for a relationship that could possibly lead to marriage and having kids.

If this is true, why does it seem like so many men are so afraid to commit?

It’s because men are holding out, waiting for the right woman.

If you want a man to look at you as the right one, there’s one very specific difference between a woman that a man wants to marry and one who he only wants something casual with.

It has nothing to do with looks, age, or breast size.

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