The Obsession Formula

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The Obsession Formula is all about how to wrap a man around your finger and make him emotionally addicted to you until he becomes obsessed!

And women are obsessed with this program! Hehe... Try sending it out, it makes us TONS of money.

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What if “true love” could happen in four, simple steps?


Too good to be true? That’s what I thought, too.

Until I heard this story about an old woman from Prague…

When you think about lasting, life-long love… when you imagine passion that burns for decades… when you dream about a man who adores you…

… You probably don’t think about cobblestone streets in Eastern Europe. Or scientists with beakers and white lab coats.

But this weird story from Prague may be the secret to love that never ends. See for yourself:

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If you’ve ever wanted your man to worship the ground you walk on, this is worth ten minutes of your time.

(I couldn’t put it down.)

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Direct Email 2:

To the woman who won’t settle for “good enough” love...


Sometimes, real life is even better than a fairy tale...

I learned that while walking the empty streets of Prague.

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Here’s how I remember it:

“Imagine you walk the streets of Prague, on a snowy December night. The cobble-stone streets click below your shoes… every corner looks like a painting from a museum back home…

You can feel the history in the air, and the romance wraps around you like an old coat.

Now, imagine you bump into a charming older couple. And you chat with them.

Their love is so clear, you ask how long they’ve been married.

“Sixty years,” says the husband, with a warm smile. He puts his hand on his wife’s back, and looks at her with love in his eyes.

“Sixty blissful years with the love of my life.”

You finish talking, but before you say goodbye, the woman takes you aside. And she slips an antique bottle into your hand.

“Take this,” she says. “This is my ‘true love’ secret to keeping my husband obsessed with me, for all these years.” “

Can you guess what her secret was?

I think you’d be wrong.

That’s why I continue the story on the following page:

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See for yourself.

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