Seduce His Mind

Seduce His Mind

What It's About...

This is our dirty talk program... it's a $1 trial that lasts 7 days followed by a $29 fee after that.

The last email test, we were getting a 1.6% conversion on email traffic and it has a couple of upsells that do really well too.

If you have an email list with women on it, it's worth testing this offer.

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Direct Email 1:

The secret words that drive men wild with desire

Active the "pleasure areas" of your man's mind...

Simple words that turn him on and drive him crazy for you


Imagine you come home…

… and you find a book on your bed.

You open it…

You flip through the first few pages…

… And you gasp.

Because this book shares your man’s fantasies and desires.

You read this book...

In fact, you memorize every page...

… And then, your man comes home from work.

I bet the first words out of your mouth are your man’s favorite fantasy.

… After all… it’s hard to feel shy when you know exactly what he wants to hear.

How can you know exactly what to say to drive your man wild?

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Talk soon,


P.S. Some men close their eyes and go into a fantasy during intimate moments because the fantasy is better than reality...

Instead, you can make him crave YOU and being ONLY here in the present moment, focused on you and your pleasure.

Want to know how?

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Email 2: 

Stimulate Naughty Feelings He Can't Resist

Active the secret "dirty" area of his brain with these words


What if you knew exactly what your man wants to hear...

To drive him wild with passion and desire for you?

Even if you're shy, nervous, or anxious around your man...

Or you feel dumb for not knowing what to say to turn him on...

What if you had a "cheat sheet" to your man's most primal desires and could all upon them with just a whisper or a text message?

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Talk soon,


P.S. Men often lose interest in the women they're dating or in relationships with because the woman is "playing it safe"...

She's scared to try anything new or do anything different because she doesn't know what to do and doesn't want to feel like an idiot.

What if you knew exactly what to do, exactly what to say, exactly how to spark that passion and excitement in your man?

How confident would you feel around your man?

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